Over the years, our clients have awarded us with excellent testimonials that highlight our exceptional service and satisfactory case results.

If you have been injured in a personal injury accident of any kind, we encourage you to click on the names below and read through the testimonials provided to find out what we have achieved for clients facing cases similar to yours. We then encourage you to contact our firm and speak directly with a member of our team.

“Im very satisfied with my case and how everything turned out they are the ones to go to.”

“My original lawyer was located in Lake Charles, LA. They Recommended that I use the Yancey Law Firm. It made it easier for me. The Yancey Law Firm helped me so much and I am grateful for the help. I highly recommend The Yancey Law Firm.”

“The Yancey Law Firm is the best choice because they are very hands on. They provide you with all the info you may need during your case. Everyone is very positive.”

“It was a blessing having Mr. Yancey and his staff handling my claim. They are friendly and dedicated to getting the case closed quickly.”

“His firm came highly recommended by many trustworthy sources. I was the best choice because of the firm’s efficiency in handling the case. The staff was personable, efficient and intelligent. Mr. Yancey listened to me and did what I requested. He closed my case quickly!”

“They were always available to me and answered any and every question I was concerned about. They were reassuring and kept us informed of what had to be done next and took care of it immediately. Copies were made of all the transactions, checks, documents and everything done in order. We were given copies of everything; they kept copies of course. Get the Yancey Law Firm. You won’t be sorry. You’ll be glad you did.”

“It was my first time in a car wreck. It was nice to know I had someone looking out for my interest on my case.”

“I chose the Yancey Law Firm to handle my case. My experiences in having Yancey Law Firm handle my case was excellent; thankful he won the case for me. It was well appreciated.”

“Mr Yancey’s team treated me with respect and they looked out for my best Interest. I am grateful for their help; very fair & honest. THANKS SO MUCH.”

“Patrick Yancey was a good choice in handling my case. He treated me with courtesy as did his paralegal. He did a good job on my case and I was very pleased with the outcome. I would recommend the Yancey Law Firm to others and have done so.”

“I chose the Law Office of Patrick Yancey because everyone is very nice and anytime you call they will get the problem solved as soon as they can.”

“In the past I had Yancey Law Firm represent me on another incident. At the time I was really satisfied with them. So when I needed a lawyer for a second time, I went to Yancey Law Firm and again I was really satisfied. The staff was always there to handle my questions promptly. Again I was really satisfied with them.”

“When I needed something, all I had to do is call. They did everything to get the job done.”

“The Yancey Law Firm cares about its clients and they proved it to us; they always looked out for our best interest. We couldn’t ask for better; the Yancey Law Firm was the greatest. They did an awesome job with our case.”

“Mr. Yancey does such a good job at explaining every step of the process and answering any questions we have. He doesn’t rush you through as though you are just a number but treats everyone with dignity and respect.

His staff is also extremely helpful when contacted. All are polite and efficient and treat you in a friendly yet professional manner.”

“The firm was recommended by a family friend. They told me that they were pleased with their experience and that I should talk to Mr. Yancey. I did and was very impressed by his thorough questions and sincere concern. His staff is awesome. If I had any questions questions they helped me quickly. They were the best choice for me/family and I would highly recommend them to others.”

“I would recommend the Patrick Yancey Law Firm to anybody that is looking for a good lawyer. I was handled very professionally. I was always given time and felt that any member of the staff as well as Mr. Yancey was always approachable. If I had questions, they were answered.”

“I have had such a great experience with Patrick and all the lovely ladies that work in the office. Thank y’all so much for everything!” 

“Patrick really listened to me and did the best thing for me.”

“I was looking online and I noticed Yancey Law Firm had five stars. My experience was a good one. I learned a lot in a five months and was guided to a settlement. I would say Yancey Law Firm did a good job helping and also answered all questions and concerns I had; but most of all made sure I went home happy for my injuries, pain and suffering.”

“Every time I needed help, all I had to do was call Yancey Law Firm. They were very nice and very helpful.”

“I chose the Yancey Firm because I had a cousin that dealt with him and told me he was reliable and trustworthy and also gets the job done. He understands people’s needs and gets you what you deserve.”

“The Yancey Law Firm is the best choice to handle your case because he is a wonderful attorney. They have a great team of people working there.”

“Their friendly staff answers any questions you have. I will recommend Yancey Law Firm to my friends and family.”

“Mr. Yancey and the crew in the office are very nice people! They were big help to us and very supportive. If ever you get in a bind please contact Patrick Yancey! He will get you what you deserve.”

“Mr. Yancey has met or exceeded our expectations and he is a professional as well as a gentleman. I strongly recommend Patrick Yancey to friends, acquaintances and anyone needing professional help from a personal injury attorney.”

“Throughout my entire experience with my case, Patrick and his team professionally handled each situation that came up. They kept me informed and I felt that every decision was in my best interest. I was completely put at ease from day one.”

“I would recommend Patrick Yancey Law Firm. Mr. Yancey is very genuine and helpful.”

“We made the right decision to handle our case with Mr. Yancey. Mr Yancey made sure that we were doing the right thing as we went along. All of his employees were very helpful and supportive.”