The Patrick Yancey Law Firm has the experience you need if you are suffering from a Automobile or 18-Wheeler Injury. Every year thousands of drivers of cars and big rigs are injured or killed by the careless operations of the vehicles. Drivers of 18-Wheelers and the companies they work for are responsible for controlling their big rigs safely and responsibly. While unsafe driving causes many accidents, over-sized loads and various other treacherous practices place the public and the truck operators in danger. Often, accidents are caused by lack of attention, carelessness, or negligence of the trucking company.

Eighteen-wheeler incidents present unique issues not necessarily associated with a typical motor vehicle incident, including:

  • Greater chance of serious injuries or deaths
  • Company negligence in hiring and supervision
  • Negligent maintenance of the vehicles
  • Unique insurance coverage issues
  • Governmental regulation

Louisiana Car Crash Attorney

To best protect your legal rights after an 18-wheeler truck accident or car accident has caused you serious personal injury, it is prudent to consult an experienced attorney. Our law office is thoroughly informed about the U.S. federal government’s and State of Louisiana’s regulations for trucks, vehicles, and loads. We understand the unique legal and practical problems associated with truck accidents. Our biggest concern is in assisting our clients with a resolution of the issues in the most prompt and economic manner possible.

If you or your loved one is the injured party of an 18 wheeler incident or an automobile accident, the Patrick Yancey Law Firm will devote every resource necessary to bring you the compensation you ought to have after being involved in such a collision. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.