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Aviation Injury

Most airplane or helicopter crashes happen as a consequence of human mistakes and mechanical difficulties. While the federal government sets safety standards for pilot conduct, flight operations, and aircraft manufacture, these guidelines are minimum safety standards that are not always enforced well enough to prevent airplane or helicopter crashes. Many aviation incidents could have been prevented if proper procedures were followed.

Some of the errors, which can cause aviation incidents, include but are not limited to:

  • Failure to maintain proper speed
  • Failure to maintain direction controlFailure to avoid objects
  • Incorrect operation of flight controls

We Are Your Aviation Incidents Lawyer

While airplane and helicopter accidents do not occur with high frequency, the outcome of such an event is often devastating. If you are in distress because of another person’s negligence, we can assist you. We are experienced personal injury attorneys that will inform you of all your rights and options in the event of an aviation accident.

Contact us to assist in providing you with appropriate damages in the unfortunate event you are seeking compensation due to a helicopter or airplane crash. We are highly trained to bring the best of all possible results.