The Patrick Yancey Law Firm has the experience you need if you are suffering from a Cruise Ship Injury. Cruises are becoming more and more affordable and this has lead to a great deal of people shifting to cruises for vacations. This shift in trend of vacations has increased the amount of traffic and passengers for cruise ships tremendously. As more and more people are traveling by cruise ships, the dangers that threat them have also increased.
Cruise Ship Injury

A cruise ship may involve a passenger or a crew member alike and both may be at risk for the same kind of injuries. The cruise ship injury that involves crew members on board the vessel falls under the Jones Act while the cruise ship injury that involves passengers on board the vessel fall under the Maritime Law.

People who have been injured on a cruise ship should be looking for a responsible lawyer to help them seek their rights and get their claim. Cruise ship injuries and their claims against huge cruise ships require a certain amount of expertise and experience. Also, the knowledge of all kinds of personal injury laws and practices also comes into account when it comes to registering such cases.

Your Experienced Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

The Patrick Yancey Law Firm is dedicated to giving the right support to people suffering from cruise ship injuries. If you or your loved one has been injured on a cruise ship, contact the Patrick Yancey Law Firm – we will devote every resource necessary to bring you the compensation you deserve.